Monday, April 9, 2012


I will start with my autobiography and then later on I can talk about my interests,experiences and hobbies.

I was born in Sydney to an intellectual father and an artistic mother.I was lucky enough to be born to a father who was intellectually very intense and above all a very good human being.Though when I was a teenager I did not learn much from him.I liked reading books,science and history were my favorite subjects.I was an average student from start but I was very diverse and I liked to study about things and how science effects things around us .Paintings , artistic things , nature and things of beauty appealed me.My hobbies included collecting antiques,painting reading history. I always wanted to be a guy who is innovative, multitasker and independent .Later on I became a good student as I started liking maths and I got impressed by the beauty and depth of Maths. I liked playing soccer, tennis and cricket.

My father went to UK in 1972 and there he did Masters in Agricultural  Economics , his intention was to return  back to homeland and use his skills as a landlord.But while in his final semester he learned about the top economists of Britain like Alfred Marshall and Maynard Keynes.Later after consulting a professor he was offered to study MSc in Economics on the condition that he learn all basic maths before applying and then for 6 months he learned Maths on his own as his Bachelor was not in Maths or related field.I have his Calculus book with me which he used in 1974 to learn Maths.Later he went on to do MSc in Economics and then he did PhD (Microeconomics). It was  great adventure for him , he says and that he learned a lot.During his PhD he worked under one of the top economist of Britain .Later he worked as a researcher and  lecturer in London University.My mother is an artist and studied Persian literature,she is more like a poet and artist. From my mother I learned a lot about poetry and arts and she was also good in clothing and designing ,she used to run her own boutique.Later in 1982 my father moved to Sydney as he was offered to lecture and do research at University of New South Wales.Here he did another PhD (Macroeconomics , Forecasting Markets ) and became an associate professor.

 I remember that during O Levels I saw his 2nd PhD thesis book and in it my Dad used Newton's Gravitation Law to forecast the Stock Market and also used time series models.He published several articles on Market Dynamics using knowledge from Maths/Statistics, Philosophy and Economics and developed models to forecast the Financial/Stock Markets. So inspired by this and having an interest in Maths I decided to pursue a degree in Math and Economics.My father admired mathematicians and philosophers , I think he preferred them over economists and that he always stressed that a good economist must be good in mathematics and philosophy.

I later got A grade in A' Level maths with 97% record ,a record which earned me a medal .In my school years I was shy and sensitive but mischievous.I was good in sports and I was the Captain of my school cricket team and also I played as a midfielder in my school soccer team. I was also active in debates and in the theater dramas of Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw.I went to Melbourne University to pursue a degree in Maths & Economics.I went pretty fine but in 3rd year I slacked a bit and faced many problems which I don't want to tell here.The pain  I faced made me quite upset and later in 2010 I was into maniac depression.I did try a lot to carry on but had problems .Later I decided to take a leave and went traveling and when I came back it was not good again.I faced the worst time of my life in 2010 and 2011.I would say this time 2010-2011 was the "Black Swan event" of my life.Black swan event as Nassim Nicholas Taleb says are rare ,high-impact and hard to predict.I do not blame anyone but myself as I was unable to avoid the disaster and that world is wild and harsh.I felt pain and agony and suffering was extreme ."What does not kill me makes me stronger" by Nietzsche was what made me recover from such a big "Black Swan event". Later in 2011 I was fine again, then I decided to live a simple life as high expectations and wordliness bring depression but yet my drive towards life increased and I became more productive and felt to give a contribution to society through my vast experiences.While in depression I had bad feelings considered myself unlucky but after I got better I realized how important my suffering was for my understanding of the world.

The world is a hodgepodge of random phenomena which man endeavors to manage in such a way as to alter or negate those which threaten his existence and to replicate those others which enhance his existence.One may either be like Buddha(ideal man of Schopenhauer) or even Nietzsche's Ubermensch ,but it is up to you to decide. I want to be both as world has both good and evil people.

 It is the great raider that falls and it took me quite some time to get back to life again ,my depression was bad and it ruined me a lot.I decided to rise step by step and now I am good again and I feel I am more stronger than I was before .While in depression I came across Nietzsche and his philosophy was seductive ,though his philosophy is very extreme and rebellious but I loved it and also while in depression I started to like Philosophy and especially Existentialism.

The Battle of Alexander the Great at Issus by Albrecht Altdorfer

I also came across Niccolo Machiavelli and his works on power, independence and useful ways to rise above and avoiding the limits set by "normal society".Niccolo Machiavelli and Nietzsche praise a sort of  ‘super morality’ which aims above the traditional limits of morality to attain a higher goal. Though many people call Machiavelli a teacher of evil but he himself was not evil, he was intellectually honest guy who was pure in writing the the dishonesty of world and as he shows the mirror of "real things"  or the uncovering the evil behind the "good"  so he was given the title of "devil". 

You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame: how could you become new, if you had not first become ashes?  
Friedrich Nietzsche

 "It is a socialist idea that making profits is wise, I consider the real vice is making losses". Sir Winston Churchill

The maths I studied will help me to better understand the theories logically.Statistics and Applied Maths is very interesting field but I want to be a polymath , maybe like the great Leonardo Da Vinci and Goethe.I hope I can follow all the passions and interests like fashion design, arts, political philosophy ,finance, mathematics, continental philosophy, linguistics, statistics,probability theory,art history ,history,physics,psychology and economics. 

I seek comfort in beauty and nature , I seek happiness in art and love but yet my heart cries when I see people in poverty and in need. My heart desires more luxury and yet I seek the poor dying of hunger and I sit in corner asking myself how weird this world is.....


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